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We at Kaddoura Calligraphy provide Arabic calligraphy artworks and designs done by qualified professionals.

We also provide Arabic calligraphy courses both online and on the ground to start a new generation of calligraphers.

Reviving Traditional

Islamic Arts Since 2016

Due to the “modernization” of the world, more and more people left the Islamic Arts in order to “advance” in the world and no longer concerned themselves to keep the art alive. Nowadays people are starting to look back at old relics and artifacts in museums and wish they had the means to learn or to obtain a piece like those they have seen. Here at Kaddoura Calligraphy, we focus on providing artworks similar to the old manuscripts and even modernized works to fit every lifestyle. We also teach the arts as to bring it back to its former glory.

Our Story

Muhammad Kaddoura is a US born Palestinian-Malay-Chinese calligrapher. He studied at Al-Azhar University and majored in Shariah Law. In 2011, while he was in Egypt, he was introduced to a markaz in Cairo called, Muassasah Al Halqah, where he learned under Ustadh Hasanin Mokhtar, an Egyptian calligrapher, and Shaykh Belaid Hamidi, the royal calligrapher of Morocco.

Muhammad studied the Ruq’ah script with Ustadh Hasanin and then received the ijazah “diploma” from Shaykh Belaid Hamidi. Muhammad furthered his studies in Arabic calligraphy with Shaykh Belaid Hamidi and attained ijazahs in the Diwani, Jali Diwani, and Maghribi scripts.

Wang Qei Fei of China, Ustadha Fathiah A’bdussamad & Ustadha Mustafiyah of Singapore, Ustadh Mubarak Essam & Ustadh Ahmad Jurjani of Malaysia are some of his other teachers in his journey through Arabic calligraphy.

He has taught classes and workshops on Arabic calligraphy in Egypt, Malaysia and Singapore. He currently teaches Arabic calligraphy online and focuses on keeping Arabic calligraphy alive in his household and everywhere he goes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep the Islamic arts alive, spread the awareness of this forgotten art form, bring it back to former glory by providing quality artworks written by qualified professionals and teaching it to a new generation of calligraphers.


Ijazah Ruq’ah
Ijazah Diwani & Diwani Jali
Ijazah Maghribi


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