Shaykh Belaid Hamidi

Shaykh Belaid Hamidi is one of Muhammad Kaddoura's teachers.

He was born on January 1, 1959 in the Kingdom of Morocco. He graduated from the Faculty of Teachers (1977-1979).  He then taught in different stages of primary education.

He was the Supervisor and instructor of Arabic calligraphy in the Cairo-based Al-Halqa Foundation for the Revival of Heritage and Local Development, which welcomes Al-Azhar University students from different countries worldwide. Belaid's class was concerned with reviving the time-honoured tradition of studying and teaching Arabic calligraphy locally and globally.

He is a jurist in the International Calligraphy Competition in Istanbul (since its 7th edition) and a chairman of the Society of Unique Arts and Calligraphy in the Kingdom of Morocco.  He is a member of the Egyptian Society of Calligraphy and the founder of the World Calligraphers Union in Istanbul, Turkey.

His Credentials:

  1. Belaid Hamidi was taught by Iraqi researcher and celebrated calligrapher Youssef Thannoun Al-Mouseli in 1990. His teacher encouraged him to travel to Turkey to broaden his skills and gain more knowledge of this unique art. Belaid fulfilled his ambition when, in 1994, he entered the Research Centre for History, Art and Culture in Istanbul (IRCICA).

  2. Holds a diploma in the the Thuluth and Neskh script given by Hajj Hassan Celebi in Istanbul in November 1997.

  3. Hold a diploma in the Jali Diwani and Diwani script given by Professor Dr. Ali Alp Arslan in Istanbul in October 2000.

  4. Hold a diploma in the Naastaliq script at the hands of Prof.Dr. Ali Alp Arsalan in Istanbul in November 2005.


  • Belaid Hamidi scripted the text of eight holy books of the Qur'an and supervised the printing of two copies in 1999 and 2008.

  • Belaid is the first Moroccan calligrapher to script Al-Hilya Al-Sharifa in the Maghribi-Andalusian style since 1996. More than 20 of these works are in art museums and private collections in different countries.

  • He is the author of two textbooks on Mabsout Maghribi calligraphy, published in 2006 and 2008.

  • Belaid's career, technique and achievements were the chief content of the television programme ‘Calligraphers in the Bright Light’ in 2008. The programme, which was planned to shed light on celebrated calligraphers of the Muslim holy book, was broadcast by several religious television channels.

Exhibitions & Awards:

  • Belaid Hamidi has exhibited his Arabic calligraphy in several local and international competitions:

    • Rabat, 1990

    • Istanbul, 1994 & 2001

    • Tehran, 1997

    • Syria, 2002

    • Sharjah, 2004

    • Kuwait, 2006 & 2013

    • Hungary and South Africa, 2009

    • The Saudi Kingdom, 2011

    • China, 2013

    • Indonesia & Singapore, 2015

  • Received the King Mohamed VI Award for Moroccan Calligraphy in 2010.

  • Received the honor award from IRCICA in Istanbul 2014

  • He gave a documented presentation, including a slideshow, during the cultural activities organized by the King Fahd Complex Forum to highlight individual experiments by famous calligraphers of the Holy Qur’an in 2011.


He opened the door of his family home in Rabat in 1996 for admirers of Arabic calligraphy to learn more about and hone their skills in this unique art. His students have included calligraphers from Morocco, Japan, Korea, Spain, Turkey, the USA, Mali and Puerto Rico. Many of his students have obtained diplomas in Arabic calligraphy in Istanbul, as well as winning top prizes in competitions organized by IRCICA.

Belaid has also held workshops for Arabic calligraphy in Morocco, France, Egypt, Britain, Hungary, South Africa, China, Indonesia and Singapore . He decided to settle permanently in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018 after retirement, devoting himself to a great project for upgrading Islamic arts and heritage, with particular emphasis on Arabic calligraphy.

His students from different countries all around the world; Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Tunisia, France, Palestine, Afghanistan , USA, Cambodia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Mali & South Africa were awarded 245 diplomas from December 2011 - February 2015.

May Allah preserve him and his knowledge. Ameen