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The Jali Diwani Script

Being the more festive manifestation of the Diwani script, Diwani Jali is a script utterly mesmerizing. Used in Ottoman council courts (the diwan) during the 19th century, not many Diwani Jali works can be found, implying that its usage was kept only for the Sultan's decrees that were of the highest precedence. It was written only by palace scribes and against the law to teach to commoners. After the fall of the sultanate, Arabic calligraphers were able to put the effort in making this script more public.

The letters of Jali Diwani are intertwined and the minimal gaps between its letters are filled with small and delicate ornaments, making Diwani Jali difficult to forge, and relatively impossible to add any letters after a piece has been written and completed. This is exceptionally important so that nothing can be added to the Sultan's decree.

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Glory be to God. We as Muslims must affirm Allah attributed to Himself and deny that which Allah denied, just as the Messenger of Allah 'alaihi wa sallam affirmed what was needed to be affirmed and denied what needed to be denied.



The One who gives safety and takes care of the well-being of all His creation.

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The word “At-Teen” is written in the shape of its fruit, the fig.