Everyone got to finish their Basmalah on time. I would like to thank Ust Muhammad Kaddoura for coming all the way from Kuala Lumpur to share his knowledge on the Thuluth Maghribi script.
- Fathiah A'bdussamad, Fathiah Calligraphy

You are like an encyclopedia of Khat.
- Prof. Datuk Dr. Mohamed Hatta Shaharom, Chairman of the Board of Directors, DBP

My mom loves it so much. She was smiling when she got it. Hehe. So cute!
- Fair Sulaiman, The Eye Shop Optometry

Jazakumullah for your excellent services Mr. Muhammad. May Allah increase your in Rizq.
- An Nur Specialist Hospital, Bangi, Malaysia

Alhamdulillah I feel that I am to get into a flow with my Kufic Calligraphy practice. I am now joining 2 letters which brings its own challenges. Masha’Allah I have a wonderful teacher.
- Sophia Abbas, UK

I really can’t believe how far I went since I started learning with you, THANK YOU. But I’m still looking forward to improving my Calligraphy more and more.
- Rola Merheb, Australia

I just want to thank you for the explanations and clarifications you are providing me. You’re making learning so much easier.
Rola Merheb, Australia

Jazakallah khairun for getting back to me so quick. And thank you for the very detailed response as well.
- Aida Khawaja, UK

I appreciate your thorough correction in the previous assignment, thank you for that as it helped a lot.
- Walid Lounès Bouzerar, Canada

The videos are really helpful, Thank you.
- Kaniz Fatima Bibi, Dubai

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